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What is needed to transfer a title and tag?
In order to transfer a title and a tag in Rankin County, you must have the original vehicle title (signed by owner or owners as shown). The new owner or owners must be present to sign title application when changing ownership. If the vehicle is newer than 10 years old an Odometer Disclosure Statement is required if this information is not on the original title
Where can I get a replacement title?
To get a replacement title, contact the State Tax Commission Title Division at (601)923-7000. You can also print an Application for Replacement Title on the Online Forms section of our website.
What is needed to purchase a tag with a title application?
In order to get your tag with a title application, you must bring the completed title application from a designated agent and a copy of current tag receipt (if purchased from an individual, to verify current taxes paid).
What determines the price of my tag?
The price is computed from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year of the vehicle and location (where the vehicle goes at night). All newer models require the MSRP (window sticker price without options).
How many days do I have to purchase my tag?
Citizens are allotted seven working days plus 48 hours to purchase tags for vehicles purchased from out of state. If the vehicle is purchased in-state, citizens are allotted seven working days to purchase their tag from the date of purchase. Renewal - you have the full month showing on the tag and 15 days into the next month before penalty is added. (5 percent penalty after the 15 days and five percent for each additional 30 days to a maximum of 25 percent, and at that time the Legislative Credit is lost).
What is Legislative Credit?
Legislative credit is tax credit given by the State Legislature to reduce the cost of Mississippi tags based on the value of each vehicle. The percentage is set each year by the State Tax Commission based on available funds.
How can I get a replacement tag and or decal that was lost?
To get a replacement tag and or decal, report the missing tag and/or decal number to the sheriff's office and bring the form given to you by the tax collector's office. The tag cost is $10.00 and decal is $2.50.
When I sell or trade my vehicle do I take my tag off the vehicle?
Yes. The seller shall remove the tag (license plate) and surrender the tag and receipt to the tax collector's office (in the same month of selling) for credit toward another tag, or get a credit slip to be used later toward another vehicle. Mississippi law does not allow for cash refund or credit if moving out of state.
My vehicle is not running. Can I take the tag off and get credit toward another tag for another vehicle?
No. The tag credit can only be given when you no longer own the vehicle.
When does a new resident change their out-of-state title and registration (tag)?
If registration is current, tags must be changed 30 days after moving to Mississippi. After 30 days a, $250.00 fine is added.
Where do I go to get a Mississippi driver's license?
The Mississippi Highway Patrol office has two locations: Hwy 49 South (2 miles off I-20) in the city of Richland and Woodrow Wilson Drive and I-55 in Jackson. For more information, visit http://www.dps.state.ms.us/.
When is the best time to purchase a tag and pay taxes in person?
If possible, avoid coming to the offices on Monday and Friday, the first and last business days of each month and during lunch hours (12:00 p.m. to 2:00p.m.). These tend to be heavy-volume times.
Who can use the drive-thru window?
We encourage parents with small children and anyone who has trouble walking or standing for long periods of time to use the drive-thru window. Transactions that can not be done at this window: heavy trucks, rental car company, any one with a large volume of tax statements and no walk-ups. You must be in a vehicle to pay taxes at the drive-thru-window.
What is the percentage of use/sales tax and casual sales tax?
Use tax is 5 percent if purchased from an out-of-state dealer, based on bill of sale price. Casual sales tax is 5 percent if purchased from an individual based on the true value where the tag is calculated. Exceptions: vehicles at least 10 years old and transfers from husband and wife, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild.
When moving from one county to another in Mississippi when do I change my tags?
Your Mississippi tag is good until renewal time. You will need to bring your current tag receipt in at renewal time and purchase a new tag in the new county.
When are the renewals mailed?
Renewal notices are mailed on the last day of each month before the expiration month. Decals can be renewed during the month of expiration and 15 days into the next month to avoid penalty. If you live in the county, your garbage bill will have to be current before renewing your tag/decal.
Are there special tags that can be purchased?
Yes. Pictures are available.
What is the cost and requirements for an Antique tag?
The cost is a one-time fee of $25.00, the vehicle must be at least 25 years old as of October of the year the tag is purchased. (example:10/99 to 9/2000 - 1975 and older) .
How can a handicapped person get a placard and tag?
One placard per applicant can be obtained from the tax collector's office free of charge after presenting an application completed and signed by a doctor and or nurse practitioner. The handicapped tag is not mandatory for parking in the restricted parking spaces, but can be obtained with the placard using the same application if the vehicle is titled in the applicant's name.
When are the busiest times to purchase a tag or pay taxes?
If possible, avoid coming to the office on Monday or Friday, the first business day of the month and the last two business days of the month. These are heavy-volume days, and may result in long lines and waiting.
How do I submit a Public Information Request?
For public information requests, please contact the elected official overseeing the data you are requesting. For example, for elections please contact the Circuit Clerk's office. For all other requests please contact the County Administrator.
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