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External Access to AS400

Thank you for requesting access to the AS400 Externally. Please note that the below access request process may seem lengthy, but it’s required to protect the data that the County is responsible for safeguarding by its constituents. If you have reached this page without being directly linked by an elected official, appointed official, or a staff member of Rankin County IT then you have reached this page in error. Otherwise, please follow the process as dictated below. 

Attached to this page you will find two documents. 

AS400 Access Request Authorization Form

You will need to download the Access Request document and have it filled out. You will be required to send the request in on official letterhead and have a manager sign it. This is to deter any requests that may be of malicious nature and not by a governmental agency. Once received and approved by the County IT Department, a technician will call with additional instructions.

We appreciate your understanding of these policies and if you have any questions please call: 601-825-1642

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