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Election Commission

The Rankin County Election Commission is made up of 5 commissioners, representing each of the 5 supervisors' districts. The job of the Election Commission is to uphold the election laws and to conduct the county, state, and federal elections (general, special and run-off) in an honest and fair manner, and in accordance with the law. Primary elections are overseen by the respective county party executive committees. The Rankin County Election Commission is not involved with these elections unless contracted to assist by the executive committee(s).

It is also our duty on all county, state, and federal elections to prepare and print ballots, hire, and train poll workers, secure all election day supplies and documentation, prepare voting machines for each election, prepare poll books, compile precinct results on election day, certify election results, as well as maintain, and update voter rolls as guided by state and federal law, purge voter rolls in compliance with the National Voters Rights Act, and attend Election Conventions and training workshops.

 You can help the Rankin County Election Commissioners keep the voter rolls updated by notifying us if you move or if a family member has passed away.

 You can also volunteer to work as a poll worker in Rankin County, which is a paid position, by contacting any one of the Rankin County Election Commissioners or by contacting the Rankin County Circuit Clerk’s office, who will then put you in touch with the Election Commission.

District 1 - Kelly Wedgeworth
District 2 - Andrew Sorrentino
District 3 - Tonya Rivers
District 4 - Rusty Bain
District 5 - Trey Fontaine

  • To speak to someone call: 601-825-1466 (Circuit Clerk's office)
  • To leave a message call: 601-824-7114 (Election Commissioner's office)

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Election Commission Office (more)
117 N Timber St
Brandon, MS 39042
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  • Phone: (601) 824-7114
  • Fax: (601) 825-1465
  • Office Hours:
    M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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