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If Waste Management is not collecting your household garbage on your designated days for collection, please call 662-407-4150 or email [email protected].


For questions about your Solid Waste Bill, please contact the Rankin County Solid Waste Department at 601-825-9213

The Rankin County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on its proposed redistricting plan for county district offices on December 6, 2021, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room of the Board of Supervisors, 211 East Government Street, Suite A, Brandon, MS.  Any citizen wishing to address the Board of Supervisors regarding the proposed redistricting plan may attend the meeting and indicate an intention to speak on the plan.  Masks are not required.  Persons wishing to address the Board of Supervisors must remove any mask worn while speaking.


Be advised, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors is responsible for adoption of a redistricting plan that impacts four county district offices which are (1) County Supervisor; (2) County Election Commissioner; (3) Justice Court Judge; and (4) Constable.  The Board of Supervisors is NOT responsible for any redistricting plans that impact municipalities, state legislative offices, or United States House of Representatives.

Rankin County FINAL Proposed Justice Court Districts MAP and DATA

Rankin County FINAL Proposed Supervisor Districts MAP and DATA

Rankin County is one of the fastest growing counties in Mississippi. Located east of Jackson and Hinds County, the half-rural/half-urban county has seven incorporated cities. Surrounded by national forests, a 33,000 acre man-made reservoir, and the 2nd largest river in the state (the Pearl River), Rankin County offers a multitude of outdoor and recreational activities. Come visit all Rankin County has to offer!