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County Prosecutor

The Rankin County Prosecutor’s Office consists of the County Attorney, Trey Spillman, and the Assistant County Prosecutor, Blake Alan Cauthen. The County Prosecutor is an elected position, with a term of four years.

The County Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for all criminal matters not handled by the Rankin County District Attorney. Specifically, all misdemeanor charges filed within the jurisdiction of Rankin County. In the State of Mississippi, misdemeanor criminal offenses are crimes punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or fines.

The County Prosecutor prosecutes criminal offenses that occur in the county, including but not limited to: the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Reservoir Police, Mississippi Highway Patrol, Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP), Airport Authority, Mississippi State Hospital Police, The County Building Department, as well as citizen-filed cases.

When charged with a misdemeanor crime in Rankin County, a defendant will first appear in court at their “initial appearance” in order to enter a plea or guilty or not-guilty. If the defendant pleads not-guilty, they will be given two dates by the court. One date will be for pre-trial conference, which is a day to appear with an attorney or on your own behalf in an effort to potentially resolve your case prior to trial. The second date will be the trial date, which is the day to appear with your evidence and any witnesses to support your case. For more details, visit www.treyspillman.com

Trey Spillman

Trey Spillman (email)

County Prosecutor

Blake Cauthen

Blake Cauthen (email)

Assistant County Prosecutor

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