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Voter Registration


You must be registered to vote thirty (30) days before an election.

The Circuit Clerk's office is open for absentee voting 45 days prior to an election.  The Clerk's office is open for absentee voting two Saturdays prior to an election 8:00 am until noon.  The deadline to cast an absentee ballot in the clerk's office is the noon on Saturday before an election.

You may register to vote in the Circuit Clerk's office which is located in the Justice Center in Brandon or register by downloading the Voter Registration Application, completing the document and mailing it to the
following address:  

                                    Voter Registration Application (click here)

                                  Rankin County Circuit Clerk
                                  P.O. Box 1599 
                                  Brandon, MS 39043

Primary Elections

Note that during primary elections, you are required to declare a party and you can only vote within that party.  

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