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Recording Requirements


There are different requirements depending on the type of document, so they cannot be listed here.

It is the responsibility of the person offering the document for recording to make sure (1) that the document is original, (2) that it is signed and that the signatures are properly acknowledged before a notary public, (3) that the document is a complete writing and contains the required information, (4) that is accompanied by the proper fees, and (5) that is accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope so that it can be returned to the party offering it for recordation.

The clerk's staff cannot give legal advice.  Those seeking to record a document in the Clerk's office are encouraged to obtain the advice of a professional.

See Fee Chart Below:

(Printable Chart and Formatting Standards under "Useful Links")

Recording Fee

Recording & Availability

Documents are recorded at the time we receive them.  They are available for viewing by the public the next day.

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