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Rankin County has incorporated the use of a GIS into its county plan since 1992. The GIS Department maps the geographical features of Rankin County and is able to produce either digital or paper maps to be distributed to county and city entities as well as the general public. One of their major responsibilities is the assimilation of 9-1-1 street addressing data. The 9-1-1 Addressing Coordinator uses a Trimble GPS (Global Positioning System) to record new street locations as they are created. The coordinate location of these streets are then downloaded and attributed in a GIS and combined with existing street data, produced from USGS topographic maps or Mississippi Department of Transportation base maps, to create a county wide street database.

The GIS Department is also responsible for the mapping of supervisor, judicial, school and ESN districts, along with voting precincts for the county. They also acquire data from other state organizations, which mandate additional districts in the county, such as house and senate districts. This data can be used individually to create county wide or separate district maps or combined to show overlapping district boundaries. A wide variety of maps have been published in digital format and provided to the general public via the Internet. Paper copies of these maps, as well as specialized maps may also be purchased from the following location in the Court House Annex Building:

Printed Map Prices

81/2 x 11 to 11x17 (line work only) $3.00
81/2 x 11 to 11 x 17(w/aerial photograph) $5.00
Over 11 x 17 to 36 x 48 (line work only) $15.00
Over 11 x 17 to 36 x 48 (w/aerial photograph) $25.00
Over 36 x 48 (per sheet) $30.00
Over 36 x 48 (per sheet w/aerial photograph) $35.00
Map Book $25.00

CD Prices

Individual County Grid Block (line work only) $10.000
Individual County Grid Block (line work & aerial photo) $25.00
Countywide Data Set (line work only) $45.00

Click here to view a list of maps in PDF format

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